Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hey-Do you know why I am smiling so big?

I got my cast off . Hooray!!!
Grandma had the idea to make my cast into a center piece on the table.

I had a busy first day without my cast on. I sat on the kitchen stool and kicked my feet as I ate. Grandma and Mom kept noticing all the little things Emily was doing today that she hasn't done in so long. It was like having a little baby and noting all the milestones.

Emily had a plan for her first day without her cast. She wanted to have pink cupcakes with pink frosting and a cherry on top. So here we are frosting the cupcakes. They were yummy!

We had a small party with a few friends and even got balloons to celebrate.

The first thing people are asking is if Emily is walking. No, not for awhile. She just doesn't have the strength yet. She was able to stand for a couple of minutes on the couch with Grandma's support. Grandma has been so wonderful to stay with us for so long and help take care of Emily. We could not have done the last several weeks without her.
The boys and Grandpa had fun moving the snow on the back deck and making it into an igloo.

It has been such a happy weekend for all of us. Thank you for everyone that has expressed concern for us and helped us out in lots of little ways.


  1. Run Emily Run!!!!! We love you, and love you lighter, you shed 20 pounds what a diet!