Thursday, June 11, 2009

Well let me start by saying we have been really busy. I haven't posted since April. Pretty sad. Anyway, here are the latest pictures and news to catch you up.

Carter is still involved in the Mountain Strings Program. They had a great concert this week. We attended as a family and friends Torie and Tara were able to come also.
Carter did great.

Carter also had a big State Float parade this week. All the fifth graders created a rolling float and traveled around the playground with them. Carter had Michigan and did a great job both on his written report and his float. They had an all American picnic lunch after the parade.
Last week the fifth graders went to Riley Farms with a Revolutionary war theme and had a full day field trip. Grandma Judy made Carter the perfect costume. Here he is with his friend Ethan.

Carter and Erick

Emily's favorite past time is changing her clothes. She changes into different clothes or dress up outfits at least 5 times a day. I just laugh and appreciate that it has encouraged her to get herself dressed without any help.
Pretty Sunday Dress From Grandma
We call this one "Shakey-Shakey". The boots really top this outfit off!

When she wears this she is Dora. Dora dress-Dora glasses-Dora hat.

This outfit was number 6 for the day I took it.

Davin was in Track again this year. He really enjoys it. He loves the high jump. His best events are the long jump and the discus toss.

His top discus throw was 31 feet!

Happy Mother's Day

We participated in a stake wide service day. There were different service projects all over the San Bernardino valley that day. We painted this whole wall. It was fun to work together.

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  1. Yes, you have been busy. Lots of fun.
    The photos are the children are beautiful.
    Well duh... the children ARE beautiful.